A very important element from the entire range of the Special Precision Clamping System. Particularly important and allowing a huge increase in productivity by up to 20 to 40%, on machine tools equipped with a pallet system. Manufactured by our company from ductile iron and steel. On request, very durable aluminum with stainless steel threaded inserts. Coatings: raw, powder coated, blackened, PVD coating.



Iron tower
The tower is made of two sides with a grid of precise holes with a spacing of 50 mm x 50 mm. In the upper part, each hole is made under the positioning pin 12H7, further down the thread M12. The use of only two sides of the tower is not accidental, it is extremely well thought out. On these 2 opposing tower surfaces, 4 vices 125-140 or 3 large vices 160-180 can be mounted. The other 2 sides, in the system when machining on vices or clamps, are to remain empty. This allows then very close collision-free access of the machine spindle to the workpiece and the use of short tool holders and short-reach tools, which guarantees a reliable, quick machining, allows a much better surface and uses much higher machining parameters. As a result, we get a signifi cant increase in tool life, shorter machining times, lower energy consumption, a signifi cant decrease in production costs, and a signifi cant increase in process productivity. The other two sides of the tower are prepared for the installation of lathe chucks or other special attachments. For example, four lathe chucks 125, three – 160, two – 250 can be mounted on each side. However, in order to achieve the effects and benefi ts described above, remove all vices and clamps from the other two sides of the tower.

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