Precision VPC centering vise

Precision VPC centering vise


One of the basic elements of the modular Special Precision Clamping System – vices for precise machining from 3 axis to 5 axis. Basic features: versatility, speed, reliability, repeatability, secure mounting. Reliability, strength, long-term trouble-free operation, due to the steel used for production, special technical solutionsand coating of all parts with a special PVD coating.


The most commonly used, versatile self-centering vice for the production of precision parts with a maximum jaw spacing of 140 mm. Covered with a special PVD coating which signifi cantly extends the service life.


Double-sided jaws made of high-quality steel with a hardness of 62 HRC, can be mounted in two positions, which signifi cantly increases the range of clamping. Various types of jaws available for machining e.g. rollers in vertical, horizontal position and other shapes.


The vices should be mounted on the quick clamping plates after screwing in 4 cones. This is the best way to allow the most versatile use of the vise. The most effective, signifi cantly reducing changeover times and increasing the effective working time of the machine. It is also possible to mount to the base plates with 4 M 12 screws and a positioning pin.
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